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Welcome to The Writers' Workroom, 

the online classroom for One Lit Place. 

Open to all people who write.

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    Available courses

    Events, moments, and stretches of time pass, but capturing them in writing preserves them forever. Whether you are writing for friends, loved ones, or for a wider audience through publication, writing from your life experiences is one of the richest ways to create a story, and one of the most rewarding.

    In this introductory online life writing/memoir course, we work with true-to-life stories from your past and present. Like a message in a bottle, you take your material- a particular experience you want to revisit and share (the message)- tuck it safely into a form (the bottle), and throw it (style) into the world.

    Each week is structured to have writing assignments on different memory-jogging topics ranging from love to home to family. Readings from a variety of writers who have explored memoir and life writing will serve as examples from which we model our writing or use as triggers: Kathryn Harrison, Frank McCourt, Patti Smith, James Baldwin, etc., and we’ll discuss how they structure and style their stories.

    In our course, we share our writing with each other and our comments and feedback spark conversation and further inspiration. These short exercises will be the building blocks for your final personal essay (which also may wind up being the beginning of a longer piece).

    To enroll, please visit: https://www.onelitplace.com/event/intermediate-writing-workshop/

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    In a supportive, intimate peer group, writers further and refine novel or memoir chapters, short stories, personal essays or experimental work to ready the pieces for publication. For further skill building and inspiration, writers engage with craft fundamentals in readings, exercises and discussions about the writing process. 

    Readings, lectures, discussion and exercises are available 24/7 in this continuously interactive, dynamic course.

    For intermediate-advanced writers (limit 8)

    To enroll, please visit: https://www.onelitplace.com/event/intermediate-writing-workshop/

    white notebooks on wood tableIn this exploratory, fun course, you will learn the fundamentals of writing creatively in form, genre, and craft. This is a solid introduction to what it means to consider the world in which you live (or don't) in a voice that is authentic to your experience and curiosity.

    This course is perfect for the person who has wanted to write but never has. For the person who wants to take some risks, to say what she's thinking, to explore her own mind, and to hear how her voice sounds in a number of different venues. Here is where we get our literary feet wet, and in such a safe, supportive group of like-minded peers, you will be supported and provoked into testing yourself and trying things you've never tried.

    Readings, lectures, discussion and exercises are available 24/7 in this continuously interactive, dynamic course.

    To enroll, please visit: https://www.onelitplace.com/event/online-intro-to-writing/